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Monday, July 6, 2009

Very exciting news!

Drum roll please............... We're going on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!! In four days we'll be leaving in the morning for Florida! Daddy and Mommy made these little booklets for everyone ( except me because I've known about it for awhile :) so they shouldn't feel the need to ask a lot of questions :) . I thought this was a really good idea.


Mia said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog--I enjoy reading yours :)
Have a wonderful time on vacation!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is my 3rd comment within the last few minutes...but you and I seem to have SO much in common after looking at your profile...so now I'm wondering, are you homeschooled? How old? The oldest? what state do you live in? I'm homeschooled, oldest of 5, 14, and by now you've seen where I live... :-P I'm really enjoying your blog, keep the posts commin! I love seeing your pictures. too.

sarah said...

Thanks for commenting! I am 13, the oldest and homeschooled. It's so nice to know that someone is reading my blog :) .