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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!

I hope all of you had as good of a Fourth of July as we had! Daddy made some of his barbecue that he always makes on the Fourth of July and it was great and spicy! It smelled really good outside :) .

Our friend, Miss Bonnie, always comes to our house on the Fourth of July

A little while after Miss Bonnie got here, our Grandad and his friend Miss Dean arrived.

Making potato salad for lunch (yummy!) fixing every ones food ( the little ones sat at a small table beside the big one)Miss Bonnie brought her ice-cream maker and made us some vanilla ice cream! It was good too. I put hot fudge and strawberries on mine :) .

It was very soft, so when I put the hot fudge on it started to melt right away. Somehow it just doesn't seem as nice to have hot fudge not hot ( warm is good enough though) Grandad brought us some peas and green beans from his garden

All most everyone tried their hand at it, and we finished really quickly After that we went swimming and here's Jacob at bedtime in his patriotic pajamas :) Also a quick bible reading progress report. We've finished Exodus and read the first three chapters in Leviticus, but Daddy decided to skip way ahead and read the book of Mark. Since the first chapter in Mark is long, he only read part of it tonight. It was about the baptising of Jesus by John the Baptist, and we had just started to get to the part were Jesus is in the desert being tempted by Satan.

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