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Monday, January 23, 2012

Conquerors Of Sherwood Forest

  We recently watched the movie Robin Hood ( with Errol Flynn. One of our favorites!), which has sparked a renewed interest in archery and sword fighting.
"Sir James" and "Lady Emily"
  At Samuel's request, Esther agreed to play that they were the "best archers in the world"!
They successfully conquered all the villains that were plaguing their fair forest, and rescued the peasants under the the reign of Prince John and Princess Adaily. :)

Tending to their faithful steeds :)

Paddles are good for correction and sword fighting!


       I have to admit, even I like to have a good duel with Samuel, as does Anna, although we're a bit nervous about getting hit. :)

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Shelbi said...

We've never seen that movie--sounds like something our boys would really enjoy, though!! Is it the recent "Robin Hood" or the older version? (There may be more than one "older version"...I don't know much about it :)