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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chores and Schoolwork

         Lately, Momma has been spending a lot of time creating a chore schedule. She's been using the books "Managers of Their Homes", and "Managers of Their Chores" by Steve and Teri Maxwell. We've been using little plastic pockets with different cards in them, so we know what to do next.

    When we complete a chore, that card can be placed in the back. We've been using them in the morning, and everyone likes them!
It's great for Momma, because she doesn't have to tell us what to do over and over again (or shouldn't have to anyway).
            Jacob is very proud of  his vacuuming the dining room after breakfast job, and Anna is relishing her new ability to cook in the kitchen (she's pretty good too!).

Samuel concentrating on  hand writing
 We've also been focusing on school work. Samuel learned to count to one-hundred last night with Daddy, and Lydia is a number whiz. :)

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