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Sunday, August 7, 2011

We're back!

 We arrived at home on Friday afternoon, and boy, were we ready to be back!

    Most of our trip was spent in the hotel room since the boys had to be at therapy two times a day, but we did get to go to a few fun places. One of the places we went was the Bluebell Ice cream factory! I would have taken pictures, but cameras weren't allowed. :(  Daddy accidentally brought back one of the tokens though, so here's a picture of it.

This token gets you ice cream after the tour.
 We went on a little tour of the place, and got to eat ice cream afterward. I got chocolate-chip cookie dough (Yum!). Anna, Esther, and Jacob got the crazy colors kind, which turned their tongues blue. Anna's lips and teeth also turned blue, and she had to go for her eye therapy checkup with them like that. We thought it was funny, but she wasn't so amused.  
    Momma and Daddy packed new games for us to use when we were in the hotel room, so we played a lot of Parcheesi and Apples to Apples. :)

    One day, Samuel and Momma caught a snail. Me, Anna and Esther decided to name her Nelly (We're just assuming it's a girl). Right now, Nelly is sleeping in a Rubbermaid container on top of a stack of hymnals. And if you think snails are cute, like I do, here is a video of her!

                                                    And another one!


    On the third was Momma and Grandad's birthdays, so we went out to eat with them at supper. Grandad and Grandma Dean brought a delicious chocolate birthday cake for dessert, and we had a good time (If you're reading this, Thanks!).
       All in all, it was a good trip, but, like I said, it's good to be home.

Until next time,

P.S. I really did try to post, but I couldn't get Internet connection when I tried.

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