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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthdays and a Hospital Visit

As you can see from the post title, we've been busy.Life has moved at an accelerated pace the past couple of weeks, especially.

                          First things first,
                             Who Went to The Hospital?

               Daddy was in the hospital on the 23rd. The day before, he had had chest pains while at work. Because his blood pressure was soaring, the guys at work drove him to the hospital to be checked out. Momma was already out at the dentist, so she quickly drove over there to be with him. At first, they thought he had a heart attack, but not all of the symptoms he told them fit that. So that we wouldn't have to be alone so long, our grandparents came and stayed with us. The next day, Daddy got a heart cath done, and then they let him come home. He brought with him a relieved wife, a fruit basket from co-workers, and a sore back (from lying on a hospital bed so long). We're SO glad he's better now, and thankful that it wasn't a heart attack. Friends and family that offered support and encouragement were such a blessing as well. Thanks!

                                                             The Birthdays          

       I turned sixteen on the 23rd. That's right. While Daddy was in the hospital. :(  It was still a pretty good day though, and I got a lot of sweet happy birthdays.  

     My grandparents bought me a cheesecake (one of my favorites!) on my real birthday, and, since we celebrated it on a different day, too, I got a Pea-Picking cake as well!

My pretty candles :)



Anna turned twelve on the 28th. It's hard to believe she's that old!
Opening a present

The cake


       She's loving, mischievous, and one of the most stubborn people I've ever met. I love you (Annie Bananie. Hehe)!


Jenna said...

I am so glad that your father is feeling better... God is so good! What a scare that must've been.
Happy belated birthday to both you and Anna! It looks as though you both had a very blessed day!

Your Sister In Christ,

Shelbi said...

Happy (late) birthday(s), Sarah and Anna!!

Laura said...

So glad your dad is okay!! And OMgoodness!! I can't believe Anna is 12! And that you're sixteen! (Though that's more believable simply because you've always been a year older than me) Our families totally have to get together again soon!