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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This week, Momma was called for jury duty, so I've been playing mommy for a few days. :) For the most part, things have been going pretty smoothly. Today, Daddy stayed home from work to take Jacob to a doctor appointment and decided to take Samuel with him, so right now it's (somewhat) quiet. Anna and Lydia are watching Seabiscuit, and I think Esther's in her room.

A few days ago we went swimming for the first time this year!!!!!
Momma tried to make our swimsuits, but it didn't work out to well, so we ordered them from Meant to be Modest (a site that I hadn't heard about before). On Saturday morning, Momma and I took a LONG walk and got very hot and sweaty. A blue dragonfly decided that my shoulder was a great place to rest! He stayed on my sleeve for a quite a while. It was neat. :) When we got home, I put on my swimsuit and jumped in to the the cool, refreshing water and Momma showed me how to vacuum the pool.


Shelbi said...

I love your swimsuits! Esther's especially- polka dots are my favorite!

Gwennie said...

Isn't playing mommy fun? : )

Courtney Michelle Photography said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And I bet you make a great mommy! :D


Maya'lee said...

That looks fun, Sarah! I LOVE the swimsuits! They're very modest. I especially like the blue one.