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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mary's Birthday Party

The other day, Esther's doll, Mary, had a birthday party. Esther decorated her room, dressed up, and made invitations and handed them out. The birthday girl

The meal consisted of delicious looking plastic food (two donuts, a cinnamon roll and Oreo cookies!), with tea.I think it was smart of her to use the dining room table from Lydia's doll house as a cookie stand. Jacob thoroughly enjoying himself

After the snack they played some games, but I have no idea what they did, because I didn't stay for the whole party. I just dropped my dolls off and popped in to take pictures. :)

Isn't he so cute?! I kind of wish he would just stay three. I'm starting to miss having a baby around. They grow up too fast! *sniffles*


P.S. Speaking of growing up, Lydia has not one, but TWO loose teeth!


Anonymous said...

Awww how cute:)



Laura said...

Haha! That's very fun! :D So how old did Esther's Doll turn?:)

sarah said...

Mary turned seven. :)