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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Advantages Of Having a Big Family

Daddy said:

1. You can learn to get along with many different personalities, which is very important.

Mommy said:

2.Less work (when children are older) because lots of people share the load.

3.By the time you grow up and get married you ( some of you anyway) will be used to sharing a room and bed.

4. You don't have to have company over to play tag and hide-and-seek! lol

And then I thought of:

5. You can almost always find someone to talk to/play with.

Also, love that pink sweater your older sister wears? Wait a couple of years, and it can be yours! And then when you grow out of it, your younger sister can have it, and when she grows out of it your other sister.....


Anonymous said...

I just love this! Miss Bonnie

Hannah said...

You have a beautful blog! You have many good things to say too.
Yes--there are SOOOOOOOO many more advantages in living in a large family than a small one--small ones are boring!

sarah said...

Thank-you Hannah!

Shelbi said...

Great post, Sarah!!