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Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're Home!

Ah, home sweet home :). It rained and since we couldn't go to Silver Springs, we came home a day early. Some of the places we went in Miami were:
They had pretty good food; I got to try plantain for the first time! I think it was candied plantain, but it didn't taste that sweet.
There were palm trees everywhere! And people were everywhere too. There were bikes and motorcycles all over the place.We went to this little children's museum and had a nice time; they had some interesting exhibits. There was an albino Python and we got to touch it!!
Another restaurant we went to is a Haitian one called the Tap Tap ( a tap tap is a taxi in Haiti) . This was a special thing for Esther because she was adopted from Haiti when she was a baby. We got another chance to try plantain there, only this time it was fried. I thought it tasted like a potato so I put salt on mine :) .
In St. Petersburg, we went to the I-CAN meeting. I-CAN is for amputees to get together and talk about how to do certain things ( like, how would you eat with no arms? Or drive? ). Mostly its for Lydia since she has the most difficulty doing things independently. Anna is missing her arm, but she does just about everything on her own except tie shoes ( I think).We went on a Dolphin sightseeing Cruise with some of our friends from I-CAN! Pelicans were all over the place, ecspecially on the poles out in the water.

Aren't they so neat! I know you can't see them very well, sorry about that. They just wouldn't stay still :) .

On the way home we visited our Nana, and stayed to talk for a little while, then got supper and started driving again. In the van we watched Family Affair, a TV show that used to come on when my parents were little. We also watched Christy :) .


Anonymous said...

Aw, your trip looked like a blast! Don't mean to be nosy or anything, but what made you guys go? Not that you can't take a family vacation just for fun or anything. :-) We take those vacations for no reason sometimes. :-) Although with five kids it can be a bit diffictult. LOL. Did your family adopt a lot? I personally love the idea, although I've heard about how hard the adoption process can be sometimes.

I'm really enjoying getting to know your family through your new blog. Thanks for posting!

-Rachel, aka, the girl with many questions ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you can see pics of me on my friends blog here: http://rubyjhopkins.blogspot.com/2009/05/adrenalized-with-la-rochelle.html

You should read her blog, she's a really cool person. :P
-Rachel (A.GAIN.)

sarah said...

We went because of I-CAN, and because Lydia needed to go for a chek-up at Miami Childrens Hospital. Daddy and Mommy decided to make it fun for the rest of us :). All of us our adopted. I even got to go all the way to china for Anna when I was six ( I don't remember much though)!!