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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Weekend

       Last week, Mama bought us rackets and birdies from the dollar store. We played badminton all day Saturday! It was so much fun, even though we're not good at it (really, you'd laugh at us).

         On Sunday though, our arms were sore. Ouch.  Esther and Samuel went out and played a few games anyway, but Anna and I stayed in. However, on the 4th we were back at it! We seem to have gotten a little bit better with practice, so we'll keep trying. :)

         Me, Anna, and Esther decided to do a 4th of July performance for our family, so after supper we gathered our things and went outside. Everyone was sitting in the driveway enjoying the neighbor's fireworks. We've never done any fireworks before, but we like watching them (just as long as we don't have to pay for them).We sang a few songs, read a couple of verses, and I played a song on the violin. Afterward, some of us stayed out to watch fireworks with Daddy.  It was a really good day. :)


                   P.S. Don't forget to Pray for America!

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Shelbi said...

I'm glad your weekend went so well! Ours was fun also. We were thrilled to discover that, now that we've moved, we can see the city of Paris fireworks show from the comfort of our own front porch! It was neat!

The badminton looks like so much fun! :)