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Friday, March 25, 2011


I know, It's been ages since I posted!  In the past few weeks,  I've been doing a lot of brother/sister watching. Momma has worked hard to meet a house-painting deadline she set for herself. She quickly finished painting a hallway, a bedroom, several doors and one of the bathrooms. Primed doors are so dark compared to the bright whiteness of painted doors! Mommy did a wonderful job, and it all looks great. :)

        Momma, Anna and Lydia went to Birmingham for two days. Anna is nearly blind in one eye, so she has started doing eye therapy.  Every month, Anna goes for therapy sessions, and  Dr. Snider checks on her eyes to see how she's progressing.

There are flowers all over the place! It smells so yummy and sweet when I ride, or walk, around our neighborhood.

  Here are pictures of some spring flowers:

Orange Blossom

An Azalea

More Azaleas


Blueberries are growing as well

        Until next time!
                 ~ Sarah

P.S. We have a very special surprise coming to our house soon. I'll make sure to post about when the surprise gets here. ;)


Anonymous said...

You did a GREAT job on you flower photos! :-). Miss. B

See ya Saturday!

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