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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mr. Dust Bunny

This year I'm entering the HSLDA photo contest, and the theme for my category was "as useless as a chocolate teapot". I had no idea what to take a picture of, so Momma suggested dust. Anna went under someones bed got me a nice handful of dust that I squished it into the shape of a little bunny. :)



Jenna said...

How creative! I love it! :)

sarah said...


Shelbi said...

That's cool! I hope you do well in the contest!

Laura said...

hehehe :) I like it!! Kinda discusting but very creative! I feel bad for Anna having to go get the dust though. :D

Savannah said...

I love the photos, they're very unique!


Madeleine said...

Hey Sarah,

It was good to finally meet you at the Baby Conference and put a person to the blog....Did you enjoy your tea? :) Did you get to stay Sunday, as well?

I love the picture, that is the cutest dust I have ever seen. If all dust had that appearance I wouldn't be pulling the feather duster out of the closet as much.

sarah said...

We didn't actually drink tea at the tea (hehe), but we enjoyed it. :)

We stayed for part of church, but we had to leave at twelve to check out of our hotel room. After that we visited the Alamo really quick, and then started the LONG drive home.

It was wonderful to get to meet you!