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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lillypops and Frocks

I love having brothers and sisters, because they're good companions, teach so much, and they also make me laugh.
Here's some of the funny/sweet things they do:

Jacob says words the cutest ways sometimes. He calls a spoonful of peanut butter a licky spoon (cause he likes to lick it), lollipops are lillypops, and pianos are campanos. And when he's mad at someone, sometimes he'll wrinkle up his nose and say, " That was a very not nice!"
It's always so funny when he does that!
Some of us have Crocs (most of them not the real Croc brand though), and just about all the children call them "frocks".
A few days ago, Anna called them Frocks and I said, "They're not Frocks, they're Clocks! I mean....Crocs!" Later, I heard Anna calling them "Crops". Oh well. :)

I like to call Anna Miss Quack when she wears the yellow ones cause they look like duck feet! ;)

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