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Friday, January 22, 2010

mp3 Players

For Christmas Daddy got Mommy a black mp3 player, and a red one for me. We were both excited and we really like them.
I love music, so I put some songs on and really enjoyed them. Tchaikovsky is one of my very favorites.
But when I had been putting songs on it, I missed a few, so I plugged it back into the computer. Big mistake. It sucked everything off. So I stayed up really late ripping songs on to the computer and putting them back on the mp3 player. I picked more songs this time, and instead 83, I ended up with 253 songs. :)
Momma and I decided to trade since hers didn't take everything off when she plugged it in. She listens to sermons and Dave Ramsey, and then takes them off after she finishes listening to them anyways.
I was nervous about plugging it in the other day to charge it, but it worked fine!

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