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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Movies

Here's some of the Christmas movies that we've been watching!

This is the story of a Bishop (David Niven) that wants to build a cathedral, and, because he prays for help, an angel named Dudley (Cary Grant) shows up to help him. We really enjoyed this one, although I'm not saying that I believe angels can do every thing displayed in this film. I'd say it's still worth watching though. :) Released in 1947; 109 minutes long

Frosty The Snowman

A Charlie Brown Christmas


Shelbi said...

We'll have to tyr to see The Bishop's Wife, we've seen the other two. We watched a really good Christmas movie the other night called The Christmas Shoes. Have you seen it? It's really good but SOOO sad!

sarah said...

I think we saw "The Christmas Shoes" movie a while back, but I don't remember it much at all. We've been hearing the song on the radio though :).