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Monday, November 2, 2009

Reformation Day!

Okay, I tried on all our computers to put pictures on but none of them work, so I'll just have to do my Reformation post without pictures. *sigh*

We had a wonderful time! Recently we got Netflix (I love it!), so Momma got The movie Luther (with Joseph Feinnes as Martin Luther), and another one called Reformation Overview. We haven't finished watching the second one yet, but we probably will soon. In the second movie, they talked about several reformers, and hearing about John Hus nearly made Anna and I cry.

Momma made herself a green empire waist dress, and Daddy's costume was made out of the same materiel as Mommy's. My Dress was royal blue, with purple sleeves and a golden colored vest embroidered with the blue and purple. Lydia wore a purply-colored dress with long sleeves, Anna wore a red and brown one, Esther green and gold, Samuel wore a shirt and breeches, and Jacob wore a shift and was supposed to wear a biggins cap. My friend Laura made this gorgeous dress.

I made some games for them to play that would have been played back then. I made a Merrils game (tic-tact-toe) with cardboard, with holes cut in it and wooden dowels as the pieces. I colored the tops of the dowels so they would be able to distinguish one from the other, and I decorated the top too (This game in the simpler form was probably a bit early, but I don't think they minded much). I also made some cards that they could color and play Go Fish with but those were never taken out. Momma got some bowling stuff out and set it up in the hallway which was fun. I know, your probably thinking "Bowling! That doesn't sound like 16Th century!" but once one us read somewhere that they actually did bowl back then.

For supper we had chicken with a yummy garlic sauce (yummy to me and a few others anyway), soup, cookies with jam in the middle, and a few other things. We ate with candles, and Daddy turned off the lights in the front of the house so we wouldn't have any trick-or-treaters. Nobody knocked on our door, but we could hear kids outside.

(Garlic Sauce)
Take garlic, water, salt, flour and milk
mix and then boil it.
note: After I made it it was pretty thick so I added milk until it was the consistency I wanted.

While we were eating lunch this afternoon, the subject of Halloween came up again. Samuel said something that we found humorous. "I wish we could delete Halloween." I definitely agree with him :).

This weeks memory verse:

Psalm 119:17-19

This weeks hymn:

How Great Thou Art

Words and music by Stuart K. Hine


hawaiiangirl said...

That is my FAVORITE hymn.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like y'all had a great Reformation Day! We watched the same Martin Luther movie (the one with Joseph Fiennes)just last night!! Yuor costumes sound gorgeous :) -Shelbi-

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you took your blog off private Sarah! You may remember me, I've posted before. We also went to a Reformation Festival at our friends the Hopkins in Cleveland! It was SO much fun, dancing, dresses, wonderful food! I didn't make my dress, but my friend did. :-D There were almost 150 people there, you can see pics here! http://picasaweb.google.com/petmarclarkefam/ReformationFestival2009# I'm the one that's "me" in photos. :-P


sarah said...

Thank you for the comments!
I didn't know that was your favorite! It really is a wonderful hymn.

And yes Rachel, I remember you :).