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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Mysterious Islands

On Tuesday we went to see "The Mysterious Islands" movie at the Birmingham theater for the first time. It was really wonderful and I learned a lot. I wish that we could show Charles Darwin what the world is like now after what he's done, and I wonder if He would be sorry. I pray that this movie would change lives and aid in defeating evolution. Daddy and Mommy got us each a little plastic Galapagos Tortoise to remember the night, and bought a copy of the movie and the movie soundtrack.

I just figured out why I couldn't put pictures in my posts! yippee!!! I'll have to do a "just pictures" post to make up for all the ones I didn
't put one here :). I took a few pictures of when we went to go see the movie, so after I put them on the computer I'll make sure to post them on here.

Here's our new family picture



Livvy said...

My family and I were there, as well!
We didn't get to stay and visit with everyone afterwards, though. It was a long 3 hour drive home!

You have a beautiful family, Sarah!

The Youngest Sister said...

Y'all have such a pretty family!! I Love the picture!