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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Something really strange is going on with blogger right now, or maybe it's just our computer. It won't let me put any pictures up, so I guess I'll just tell about vacation.

Day One:

we didn't leave as early expected, because Daddy couldn't leave work. So we ended up going the time he normally gets home from work (late afternoon).

Day Two:
We went to a place called Desoto Caverns and went inside the cave, and did lots of other stuff too. One of the activities they had was archery which was really fun, and Esther was pretty good at it.
Another activity was a thing that looked like a hamster wheel, and had four seats in it, two on each side. Your supposed to rock back and forth to make it move. Me, Anna, and Esther got on it, and started moving back and forth, which was fine.
As we kept moving, it started going more, and I asked something about will it go all the way around, and right after I said that, it went in a complete circle. Well, this was to much for Esther. Her face filled with fear, so we got off. Later, Anna and I did it again with Daddy, and had lots of fun. Daddy's stuff kept falling off of him though. His hat, flashlight, comb, and a few other things dropped while we were riding. Thankfully, his glasses didn't fall :).

Day Three:

The little ones (Lydia and Jacob) stayed at the hotel with Mommy while Daddy took Me, Anna, Esther and Samuel to a living history day at Baker farm(www.oldbakerfarm.com).
We learned things about the Civil War (I should have taken notes!), and watched some Indians dance. We learned about guns, and the different parts of the army, and also, I thought it was very interesting that people and horses were shorter back then. The average height of a woman was 5ft. 2", and for men 5ft.4". Abraham Lincoln was thought tall for back then (6ft.), but now he would be a pretty average size (of course he did wear that tall hat).

Day Four:

We went back to Baker farm and did a hay maze, went inside a barn and looked at animals, rode a horse, slide down a mountain of hay, watched the Indians dance again, watched a battle reenactment, looked at what people were selling, and picked out eight pumpkins to bring home (I didn't actually do everything that I listed).

Day Five:

We went to church with Grandad, and ate lunch at his house afterwards. After lunch, Anna, Esther, Samuel, and Lydia went outside to play. I think Anna and the other two were playing some kind of game where they solve some kind of mystery, and Lydia made a pile of pine straw on the porch. Then we left and headed for home.

Momma said she was glad to be in her own bed again :).

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