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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey everyone! I know its been quite a while since I posted anything, sorry about that.

I have been doing some cleaning around here and I took some before and after pictures. I haven't put them on the computer yet though so I'll post those later. First I cleaned our foyer, but really it was mostly the computer desk and shelf in the foyer that needed cleaning (and organizing).
Another day, I cleaned the hallway. Now, I know this doesn't sound like much but the wall in our hallway is white, and SOME people like to run their fingers across the wall when they walk by. So I took a Magic Eraser to get all the pencil, red crayon, and brown finger prints of the wall. Magic Erasers take paint off of walls (it wasn't really bad or anything, it just made my fingers white), And the pencil and crayon (I think that's what they where) didn't really come off.

Also in the hallway we have two nearly floor to ceiling dark blue bookcases, which were very dusty. The bookcases are in a corner, so in between them is this nice little nook. I decided to turn this into a place to sit and read a book so I took a stool out of me and Anna's room, and covered it with a red pillow case (it's very handy sometimes to not nail the seat of things back after you change the fabric :).

Okay, I know that this painting doesn't have anything to do with what I'm talking about, but isn't it pretty?

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