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Friday, September 25, 2009

Esther's Birthday

Yesterday Esther turned eight! Here's some pictures I took:

Mommy told her to close her eyes :)

One of the things Esther got were two new 18" dolls. Their names are Lisa and..... I can't remember the other one.Mommy made the cake (chocolate!) and then I got to decorate it. This cake turned out good (unlike previous ones). This time I got the icing the right consistency. Esther was just about to blow out her candle :)

We made supper a tea party, and me, Anna, and Esther dressed up.

Other than Esther's birthday we haven't been to busy. Although we are working on costumes for Reformation Day. I did darts for the first time! It wasn't that difficult, I was just nervous that I was going to mess up. On accident I drew the dart on the wrong side of the fabric with a red ink pen ( what was I thinking!), but only a little bit shows. I'll have to post a picture it when I'm finished.


hawaiiangirl said...

when you get ready to wash the fabric with the red ink, put hair spray on the red ink and then wash it and it should come out. Love ya, Miss Bonnie

The Youngest Sister said...

Tell Esther Happy Birthday!!!!!! I miss y'all soooo much! Can't wait to see ya all sometime! -Laura

sarah said...

Miss Bonnie,
I've never head of that before! Thank you! I love you too :).

I miss you too! Maybe we can get together some time soon.

Thanks for the comments!