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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A party and a loose tooth

know I haven't posted in a long time, sorry about that.

The other day I got to go to my friend Laura's ( http://theyoungestgirl.blogspot.com/) house for her birthday party and spend the night! Amy Jo ( http://www.amyjounderwood.blogspot.com/ ), and Scarlett (http://honoringdaddy.blogspot.com/) came too, and we had a great time :) . We dressed up, Laura's older sister Heidi took pictures of us :) .


Holly ( Laura's older sister:http://thebookwormsblogspot.blogspot.com/ ) Scarlett
Amy Jo

me I really like this picture :)

We stayed up really late ( like almost 2:00 am!) and talked while watched Anne of Green Gables.In the morning we decorated the covers of composition books with stickers and scrap book paper. I thought that that was a great idea, now I just have to think of something to write about in mine :) .

Samuel has his first loose tooth!!!!!!!! Hopefully he'll pull it soon; he found out it was loose the day we left on vacation (I think that's when it was) . I think he's a little scared that it's really going to hurt. We don't believe in telling children there's a tooth fairy, but Samuel knows he'll get money from Daddy after he pulls it :) . I'll put a picture of him on here with his tooth after he pulls it.


The Youngest Sister said...

Hey there! I like that picture of me! I hadn't seen that one yet. I haven't gone through all the pictures yet! That was a bunch of fun! Thanks so much for coming! We LOVE Y'all SOOO Much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!!! I am enjoying your blog so much! It looks like you guys had a great time at your sleepover :) Did you have a fan or something set up to blow your hair out in those first pictures? All the pictures are really good-- I love the one of Samuel too! Shelbi Moore

sarah said...

Yeah, we had a fan ;)