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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the dark

A few days ago, around 4:00 in the afternoon, our power went off. Mommy had been in the dining room sewing, Anna and Esther were coloring, and I was listening to music when we heard a...well.. it kind of sounded like thunder. what had happened was that some kind of cable had exploded under the ground, or something like that. Since we couldn't cook anything, we went to Chick-fila ( one of our family's favorite restaurants). after everyone had finished eating they went to go play in the playroom. Well, this man came in with two children that looked like they were about four or five and sat down at a table next to the playroom door. Lydia walked past them when she was going into the playroom, and after she had gone in, the little boy said to his daddy "daddy, she's a robot!" . We thought it was SO funny! Later, when I was taking Lydia to the bathroom, the Dad had a "meeting" with his kids. Daddy and Mommy couldn't hear what he was saying but they guessed it had something to do with what the boy said :) . After we got home it was bed time, so every body went to bed. I stayed up for awhile though till it was my bedtime then I started getting ready to go to bed. But just when I had gotten in bed, the power came back on! I guess it probably came on everywhere else too ( we weren't the only ones without power) .

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Burntley Sisters said...

That is the best story! I told it to Mom and she couldn't stop laughing!