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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Daddy has recently started reading the Bible to us every night ( I'm so glad!) and we just finished Genesis! It was very interesting to see who was related to who, and Daddy pointed out how, for example: Abraham had Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac's descendants became the Israelites, Ishmael's descendants became the Arabs. Jacob married from their people, and Esau married foreign women. Some of their own left, but their was always a remnant remaining. Tonight we read the first chapter in Exodus, and it was very interesting :) . here's a quote from the introduction to Exodus in my Bible: " "Exodus" is a Latin word derived from Greek Exodos, the name given to the book by those who translated it into Greek. The word means "exit" "departure". " I'll keep y'all posted on our progress :) .


Anonymous said...

ok i am one of your "followers" but i have to figure out how to get my name and photo there, lol. It was a ton of fun for Nate and I to spend time with you guys yesterday. It's hard to believe Jacob is 3, wow!! I have bookmarked your blog,and subscribed, so i will be reading. Love you, Big Sister, Carrie

nay nay said...

Wow...it's so cool how all of you guys are adopted. I have eight siblings...four of which are adopted and another on the way (or soon to be adopted!! hehe!) Two of my brothers are special needs...with Muscular Dystrophy, and Cystic Fibrosis. (Don't worry...a lot people have no clue what those are!)

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