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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My first post!

Lately, I've been trying to put together a Regency dress ( Jane Austen type dress), and I was going along pretty well, until I got to the part where it was time to put the sleeves on. I didn't have enough fabric to do the sleeves, so I attempted to make it sleeveless. I needed Mommy's help, but she didn't know what to do either. So, we called someone, and to make a long story short, some seam-ripping has to be done. At http://www.sensibility.com/, there's a young designers contest where you can create a pattern based on a historical costume, and actually have it published! The contest lasts until Dec.1, 2010, so I have a long time. I already have a design, though. The prize is $150 and ten copies of your pattern. There's more information and the official rules on the website.


Burntley Sisters said...

Hey there Sarah!
That sounds like a lot of fun, if not a lot of work. I hope that you do really well!!!

Burntley Sisters said...

Hey there!
That sounds like so so much fun! I wish you the best success!